Redirect Management: An SEO Beginner’s Guide


Redirect Management: An SEO Beginner’s Guide

Future-proof your redirects with this SEO beginner's guide to keeping your website clean and your users happy.

301 Redirects – Tips To Get Them Working Well In 2021

301s can be somewhat hit or miss nowadays – it’s not as simple as just grabbing a domain and flipping the switch. Here we give some tips to give your 301 redirects a greater probability of passing lots of link juice to your target.

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Shopify SEO Optimisation (a Beginners Guide)

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Most Shopify stores don’t have great SEO.

This means they’re missing out on organic traffic, Google rankings, and most importantly, sales.

Whether you’re new to Shopify, or you’re just looking to build on your skills, this video is jam-packed full of info to help you improve your Shopify SEO.

Today’s video covers:

➡️ Category Pages
➡️ Product Pages
➡️ Blog

This video also covers behind the scenes optimisation including;

➡️ Homepage Meta Data
➡️ Image Optimisation
➡️ Site Map
➡️ Heading Tags
➡️ URL Canonicalisation
➡️ Schema

⏲ Timestamps

00:00 — Intro
06:40 — Category Pages
14:11 — Product Pages
18:03 — Blog
22:57 — Behind the Scenes Optimisation
32:22 — Action Plan & Checklist

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Rich Results Test ➡️

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How To Increase Your Traffic &list=PL6KnGdn57AO-GfI7YHWjk-QF8EagO3NdK

How To Increase Your Leads and Sales &list=PL6KnGdn57AO8vYwRxF3hN6OuJ50IB9y8u


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Your Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Videos With Katie Braden (Ep. 395)

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Is it really possible for advisors to easily record, edit, and share videos?

The answer is yes!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Katie Braden about easy ways to create high-quality videos that attract ideal clients and deepen existing relationships – even if you’re a total beginner. You will get Katie’s pro tips, including how to frame yourself correctly (goodbye, ceiling shots!), how to emulate an in-person conversation, and how to use what you already have to shoot memorable, trust-building videos.

Katie discusses:

– Why your audience is psychologically drawn to this medium
– The biggest, most distracting mistakes advisors make on video and in virtual meetings — and what to do instead
– Ways for advisors to easily get started (plus, a step-by-step guide to shooting your first video)
– Why you don’t need to spend thousands on equipment to create high-quality content
– What’s included in her PodRocket Academy course, “Easily and authentically grow with video”
– And more


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301 Redirects Explained In Under 4 Minutes | Help Your Site’s SEO!

In this video, Ariana answers the question, “What are 301 redirects?” and explains everything you need to know about 301 redirects and SEO.

If you remove an old page or move a page somewhere else, people can usually still find it in search engines. This is where redirects come in.

301 redirects are especially valuable if:

-You remove/relocate a page on your site and want to take users to a new page or location
-You’re rebranding and want to redirect people to new pages/a new domain
-You want to avoid showing users that dreaded 404 error message on your site

We’ll also talk about a temporary redirect solution for your website—302 redirects—and tell you where they work best.

In this video:
What is a 301 redirect? (00:00:17)
How 301 redirects affect your search engine rankings: (00:01:40)
301 vs. 302 redirects: (00:02:18)
How to do a 301 redirect: (00:03:03)

How to fix broken links:
How to create SEO friendly redirects:


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