How to Develop Your PPC Strategy


How to Develop Your PPC Strategy

A successful PPC campaign begins with a goal-oriented strategy. Learn five of the most common PPC goals and what you can do to accomplish each one.

Best Amazon PPC Strategy in 2022 – GAME CHANGER Amazon PPC Optimization and Automation Software

This has to be the best Amazon PPC strategy in 2022 using an Amazon PPC automation software called Perpetua. We start with Amazon PPC optimization 2022 by using Stream, one of the best Amazon PPC software tools, to find when your sponsored ads on Amazon perform best. This is just one of the Amazon ads tools in their suite. We then optimize Amazon PPC bids for those times using dayparting for full Amazon PPC campaign optimization. #amazonfba #amazonppc

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PPC for Amazon sellers is often a drag on profitability especially when the PPC strategy Amazon sellers use is not up to date. The PPC campaign Amazon sellers create results in where and when their Amazon PPC ads run. In this Amazon ads tutorial for 2022 and 2023 we use advanced Amazon PPC strategies and Amazon expert knowledge to identify your Amazon PPC advertising opportunities and ensure you know how to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns.

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Overview
01:01 – Step 1 – Get Data
02:36 – Time of Day
03:44 – Day of Week
04:22 – Day & Time
05:11 – Step 2 – Set Dayparting
05:53 – Bid Multipliers
10:25 – Goals
11:02 – Step 3 – Create Goal
12:56 – Step 4 – Apply
13:28 – Results
14:34 – Get a Demo

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A Simple Amazon PPC Strategy for Scaling ALL your Products in 2021

Amazon PPC can be as difficult or as simple as you want to make it. What I commonly see when I work with clients is that they’ve been implementing too many different strategies and are now confused as to what to do next. Their ACoS (average cost of sale) is way too high (but they aren’t sure what their ACoS should be), they don’t know what keywords to pause, or they don’t know how to expand their campaigns to scale them. If any of this feels like you, YOU ARE COMPLETELY NORMAL.

This simple strategy will help you make more sales and increase your organic rank on Amazon, while decreasing your ad spend inside Amazon PPC. This is the step that your competition is NOT doing. I would say less than 5% of Amazon sellers are doing this.

So, what is it?

It is simply mining and then isolating the 20% of search terms in your account that are driving 80% of your results. In this article (and video) I will be walking you through a simple strategy to help scale your campaigns and isolate these search terms. Doing this assumes that you have been running Amazon PPC for at least 30 days and have made sales from it.

0:00 Introduction
0:10 #1 Mistake Amazon Sellers Make
0:58 Pareto’s Principle
1:36 What to do with the search terms that are driving 80% of your sales
2:30 How To Mine Your Search Term Report STEP-BT-STEP GUIDE
10:15 How To Structure Amazon PPC Campaigns for Success
11:00 Action Items for This Video

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Amazon PPC optimization is the key to making your product profitable in 2022. Watch the workshop to get a step-by-step guide about how to avoid wasting money on an unprofitable advertising campaign from Chris Rawlings, one of the most accomplished experts in Amazon PPC strategy.
You can also learn tips and tricks about:
– How to launch a product with a low pay per click budget to quickly rank your main keywords and get organic customer flow
– Tutorial with 6 killer Amazon ads campaign structures
– How to avoid the 5 most expensive ad mistakes and avoid spending your money with no results
– The advanced EBC A+ method for ads
– Follow this manual with best practices to optimize amazon advertising for your Amazon FBA business

2:08 Agenda
3:18 Who is Chris Rawlings? Why should his opinion be trusted?
9:27 What changes have affected advertising throughout the history of Amazon and Amazon advertising channels?
22:19 What are the core types of campaign goals?
25:45 Discovery, research and performance – foundation of every product portfolio
31:40 How to run a ranking campaign for your private label business
35:43 Brand attack as a tool to setup search competition with other brands
42:52 How to define the product life cycle for your product and improve it
53:52 All about the confrontation between ACOS and TACOS
1:00:17 The role of PPC as a key in improving product stats and increasing profit
1:07:43 The most common seller PPC mistakes on Amazon
1:10:56 What are the external factors that affect PPC management?
1:13:36 Explaining A+ content conversion formula
1:20:09 Review of AMZScout as an exact toolset to optimize your Amazon ads

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How to Develop an Effective PPC Strategy to Create Profitable Campaigns

Consumers make more than 160 billion searches per month on Google while the Google Display Network enables you to display your ad on over 2 million websites and apps. Google Ads gives you tools to reach users. From this webinar you will know understand what these tools are and how to use them.

I will also explain what a PPC strategy is so that you can create your own and take control of your campaigns.

You will then realize how not only to use PPC to buy traffic, but how to have PPC pay for itself to create a sustainable money making machine for the website (or app) that you’re promoting.

Some of the topics I will cover are:
– Developing a PPC Campaign Strategy
– Building Sales Funnels and Testing
– Google Search Adverting
– Keyword Research
– Shopping Campaigns (PLA)
– Display Advertising (GDN)
– Universal App Campaigns (mobile app campaigns)
– Bidding & Budgeting